Le Bare 2010

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Le Bare City Party's

You've never heard of 'Le Bare'? Then you've guaranteed spended the last months on a different planet. For the first time, trendwatchers, reviewers and scientists are unanimous: this is undeniably a revolutionary and unique product. 'The invention since the light bulb' (The New York Designer) 'Le Bare, a pipe filled with life' (Le Monde des Nouveautés) Today, Le Bare is a loyal partner full of energy for 20 milion clients in Asia and America. At first sight, Le Bare is a banal plastic sleeve, but it's much more than a trendy object with 138 applications. During this exclusive product launch, you get the interesting story in all its details. A look behind the screens, a dazzling product and a closing reception.

That you will enjoy this unique and warm story is guaranteed, if you also sign the tempting businessoffer is up to you. An unforgetable spectacle without obligations to purchase.

“The partners behind the succesful ‘Frietmakerij Berghmans’, Theater Stap en Aksident, take with this new project another solid option on a medaille d’or in 2010.” (Paul Deraet, Trends-Watcher )


In July 2010, Le Bare is being presented with 6 performances in Borgerhout. In October 2010, there followed 2 shows in Turnhout.. A reworked version played for twelve days in July 2011 on 'De Zomer van Antwerpen'.


Cooperation between Theater Stap and Aksident
Concept, scenario, regie, productie: Herman Verbruggen  Jan Hongenaert  Erick Clauwens
Filip Lenaerts : movie
Wim Scheyltjens : camera
Steven Reymer : animation film
Louis Jongeneelen : photography
Jelle Verlinden : technique
Yasmine Janssens : lay-out
Wim Aerts : IT

With :

Annika Serong

Ann Dockx


Liesbeth De Hertog

Seppe Fourneau

Jan Goris

Peter Janssens

Els Laenen

Pieter Lavryssen

Katrien Lingier

Leen Teunkens

Rik Van Raak

Gert Wellens


Frank De Winne Sonja Kimpen Annemie Struyff Nicole en Hugo