Poppemie (Little doll of mine) 2010

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Maybe 3 children. Then I'll wait. But it could take forever.


Many young people can have anything they want, when they want it. They are free to deal with to want and not to want. They have a thousand possibilities. On the other hand the people, that even with postponement or the best will in the world, never reach what they dream of. For the first time, 'Kaaiman' creates his annual production with another company. And that is an exciting partner: 'Theater Stap'. Director Heidi De Feyter started with the question 'What are young people doing, when they think about their future?' She examines the similarities between able-bodied young people and people with reduced mobility: Do they have the same expectations?

That is how she ends up with relationships and the desire to give birth. She collects materials from their own lives and through improvisations, they work on a performance.



On 20 March 2010, 'Little doll of mine' premiered with a serie of plays in Turnhout. At the opening of the season 2010-2011 a set of plays followed in 'De Warande'. In November 2011, 'Little doll of mine' was invited on the 'No Limits Internationales Theaterfestival' in Berlin. In February and March 2012, the performance was played again in Flanders.


Direction: Heidi De Feyter
Directing assistance: Annelore Van Eyken

Costumes: Liesbeth Debruyn
oaching: Stijn Van de Wiel
Dramaturgie: Bram Verschueren
Decor: Dirk Engelen 
Lights and techniques: Seppe Vervoort  
Photography: Kathleen Clé


Liesbeth De Hertogh

Pieter Lavrijssen

Marc Lissens

Saar Quatacker

Anouck Stabel / Charlotte Wouters

Leen Teunkens

Lien Thys

Nadine Van Miert

Marc Wagemans