Film and television


Downside Up


'Downside Up' reveals a world where everyone has Down’s syndrome. One day, Eric is born, a boy who’s different. 'Downside Up' is a short film by Peter Ghesquière. Theater Stap was closely involved in its creation.

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Little baby Jesus of Flandr


A compelling story about three poor beggars, going around caroling on Christmas eve for money, food and liquor. They end up getting lost in the woods and witness the birth of little baby Jesus.

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Sterven en Leven van Jan Devroey

It is a fiction film by Theater Stap, a self-penned story, a sensitive portrait of a man who sees the ground under his feet disappearing while he living with his head in the clouds

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Tango Tango

On the one hand, a funeral with unexpected humorous plots is central to the play, on the other hand, the unattainable desires of the players on the stage are considered.

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Het Bombardement

The film is set in May 1940 in and around the city of Rotterdam, where the young bakers assistant (and aspiring amateur boxer) Vincent de Graaf meets the wealthy Eva von Heerle, the daughter of German refugees who've fled Nazi Germany.

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