Downside Up 2016

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Downside Up reveals a world where everyone has Down’s syndrome.

One day, Eric is born, a boy who’s different.

Downside Up is a short film directed by Peter Ghesquière. Theater Stap was closely involved in its creation. The film won the HUMO award and the audience award for best Flemish short film at the Leuven Short Film Festival 2016.

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director Peter Ghesquière

production company A Team Productions

performance Milo Huyghebaert, Nico Sturm, Hélène Devos, Tineke Van Haute, Peter Janssens, Paul Mertens, a.o.

editing Kobe Van Steenberghe, Jochen Decostere

producers Hendrik Verthé, Kobe Van Steenberghe

cinematography Robrecht Heyvaert

music Hannes De Maeyer