Geen wonder dat ik ween (No wonder I cry) 2011

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'Geen wonder dat ik ween' is going to be a visual performance about loneliness and the search of an unconditional friendship.

After the successful co-operation during 'Poppemie', Theater Stap and De Warande joined together again. This time, they work with the director Jeroen Op de Beeck.  


'Geen wonder dat ik ween ' played for the first time in april 2011. It played a set of 4 performances in Turnhout. In November 2011, we played 3 more times in Turnhout. Then we went across the border to the 'No Limits Internationales Theater festival' in Berlin. April 2012, we played the last time in Antwerp.


Direction: Jeroen Op de Beeck

Dramaturgie: Bram Verschueren

Costumes: Mieke Vermeiren

Decor: Mieke Vermeiren

Music: Tom De Ridder

Lights: Jan Van Wassenhoven

Affiche/flyer: Kristof Mertens

Technics: Theater Stap

Thanks to stagiaire decor Anouck Thoné


Ute De Meyer

Dorien Devocht

Peter Janssens

Els Laenen

Pieter Lavrijssen

Katrien Lingier

Bram Nuyts