Dagcentrum Kasteel

What we have to offer

Dagcentrum Kasteel (Day Care Center Castle) is an independent non-profit association, subsidized by the VAPH (Flemish Agency for disabled people).

Kasteel ensures the agogic support of Theater Stap’s artistic work. In the course of the years, the work of both organisations has become entangled through a common enthusiasm: to make professional theater with mentally disabled actors: a powerful tool, we believe, to contribute to a positive imaging of this group.

Theater Stap en Dagcentrum Kasteel organize a workplace where disabled actors can meet other, ‘valid’ professionals from the theater.

Our actors are permanently formed and educated and offered chances to develop their own careers. Dagcentrum Kasteel provides a professional answer to the specific demands and needs of mentally disabled people (actors).

They get to work in specially adapted surroundings, to enable a common creative process. This is moreover ensured by the well known accomodation, the presence of trusted staff members, the daily routine and the recurring weekly course.

We offer a balanced and varied day program, including groupmoments and relaxation. We avoid a too rigid structur, which might become a hindrance.

Each actor is approached as an individual, with his or her own questions, talents and possibilities. Each actor receives his or her individual professional training and care, offered by professional agogic personel, a care which includes the entire sphere of life and well being of the actor.

Emancipation and cooperation are important emphases in our work. We want the actors to develop into autonomous, communicative individuals who can draw from exciting personal experiences and who are able to take their responsibility in a group.

Starting from the encounter of one human being with another, we want them to experience and share as many aspects of life and work as possible.

Dagcentrum Kasteel takes care of the transport from and to the day care centre in a radius of about 25 kilometers around Turnhout. It’s possible for people outside this radius to partake in the activities of the day care center, provided they can vouch for their own transport.


Dagcentrum Kasteel and Theater Stap invest in a permanent group of actors. The actors commit themselves for a number of years to become proficient in the performing arts. If someone is cast and accepts to cooperate in a production, he or she commits himself or herself for the entire duration of the rehearsal process and the ensuing tour. By mutual agreement each participant has the right to work parttime. Individual wishes of the participant, the program of the Day Care Center and the agenda of Theater Stap are in this case taken into account. If an actor no longer wishes to partake in the theater, we look by mutual consultation, for a fitting alternative, so that someone else can take the free place.