Dracula 1998

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The heart-stopping figure from the popular literature. The incarnation of the immorality, the sexuality, the evil. Let him of that mountain in the Carpathians and let him live by our sides. In a house in a row, in a street, with wife and child. Pale, he's compared with the current horror images. He becomes week as family man, as a neighbour.  

Dracula, Dutroux, Derochette?

Draculi, Barbie, Bambi?

A humourous play without any boundaries.

Non-trained laugh, please refrain.

 And like any theatrical performance, this one is also not appropriate for insensitive viewers.

And all the rest?

Come and see.


Premiere series in October 1998. 'Dracula' played, to the great amusement of 3.229 spectators, 16 times in '98 and 7 times in '99.


Scenario, music and direction: Marc Bryssinck

Lights: Eric Decort

Photos: Yasmine Janssens


Jan Goris

Catherine Springuel

Ann Dockx

Erik Dekeyser

Gert Wellens

Kris Hufkens


De Standaard September 1999 1998

The protagonist in both tales is an outsider. Both tales hold a plea for the kind of marginal people that are usually spat upon and shut out in our society. Because these are mentally disabled actors the message is even more forcefully driven home. Director An De Donder is the story teller. The 11 actors are grandiose and full of zeal and act in a way which is able to disarm the severest critic. 2 Sproken is a must! Because it's funny and because it's touching. But especially because you leave the theatre happy and a bit shaken.