2 Sproken (2 fairytales) 1999

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I live in a wood.

I work magic with music.

I tell stories.

I trap rats.

I open mountains.

I have one friend.

He's got only one leg.

He's blue.

The gnokkel.

Since scholars found no place for him in the dictionary between gnome and gnu, most people don't even know he exists.

But they're wrong.

He does exist and is happy.

And I .. I'm the Pied Piper.



'2 Sproken" is a dyptich ('De Blauwe Gnokkel by Fernand Auwera, and the 'The Pied Piper of Hamelin') about the search for identity and one's place in the world. Two stories about an individual's struggle against society and resigned to his loneliness and conscious of his own worth.

To both of them the city and men's company is only a passing phase. Ultimately they look for inspiration in nature.  

An De Donder directs and tells both tales, surrounded by a chorus of eleven actors, creating their own musical atmospheres to illustrate the tale. The chorus members intervene in the story, individually or as a community, thus creating an interaction between teller and chorus, story and imagination.


'2 Sproken' played 47 times in 1999 and 22 times in 2000.

8.500 spectators, young and old, enjoyed this performance.


Direction and music: An De Donder

Lights: Eric Decort

Music: Marc Bryssinck

Photography: David De Smet


Martine Derey

Agnes Fleerackers

Heidi Hendrickx

Luc Loots

Erna Roefs

Nancy Schellekens (blauwe gnokkel)

Els Van Gils

Nadine Van Miert

Rik Van Raak

Kristien Van Roy

Marc Wagemans

An De Donder (Storyteller/Pied Piper)


De Bond October 1999 1999

Dressed in costumes in soft colours and armed with sound toys, the actors create a magic atmosphere. The play never becomes sentimental. They tell a very expressive story of archetypal feelings and situations. The suggestive force of this fairy tale is even more enhanced by the slides on the walls and floor. Twee Sproken is a refreshing and expressive production, charming and at moments touching.

De Standaard September 1999 1999

The protagonist in both tales is an outsider. Both tales hold a plea for the kind of marginal people that are usually spat upon and shut out in our society. Because these are mentally disabled actors the message is even more forcefully driven home. Director An De Donder is the story teller. The 11 actors are grandiose and full of zeal and act in a way which is able to disarm the severest critic. 2 Sproken is a must! Because it's funny and because it's touching. But especially because you leave the theatre happy and a bit shaken.