Tango 1992

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After Antigone further down the same road; from ensemble playing to individual actors work, from estetisering to hard emotion, from free collage to having somenthing to tell and to do. Sounding and crashing.

A performance in which the humor and the live-played tango-music are placed central.

"I'm going to be a pharmacists" "To drive a truck"
"A soldier, and break all the Germans" "A singer"

"A nurse" "To marry and have a lot of children"

Unfulfillable desires that you avoid.

Until you notice that you have the same desires.

You lost the 'now' and replaced it by desire for the future.

Tango is based on the 'now' and the 'later', but expands it. The reality becomes absurd and desire grotesque, the game becomes theater.

A performance about desires that run wild and wishes that become dreams. The reality becomes absurd and grotesk but you recognize them.

A funeral gets out of control, a story derails, dreams take on. Tangos, composed specially for tis show, are performed live.  




We played performances in Flanders and, among other things, in Berlin.

Tango was made into the movie "tango tango" by Frans Buyens. Recordings in May, June 1993 and premiered in January '94.

In 1995, this production played again as "Tango '95" with an extensive cast. Tango played in Flanders, The Netherlands, Germany and Slovakia.


Director: Erik Wouters

Concept: Erik Wouters, Marc Bryssinck, Flor Verschueren

Decor: Erik Wouters en Geert Hautekiet

Music: Flor Verschueren en Marleen Schampaerts

Lights: Paul Kox

Costumes: Ann Huybens

Design: Geert Hautekiet

Photography: Bert De Deken


Liesbeth Bertels

Luc De Jongh

Erik Dekeyser

Martine Derey

Agnes Fleerackers

Kris Hufkens

Luc Neefs

Erna Roefs

Nancy Schellekens

Bert van Elst

Nadine van Miert

Rik van Raak

Kristien Van Roy

Flor Verschueren (piano)

Marleen Schampaert (piano)


Gazet van Antwerpen, March 1992 1992

Erik Wouters uses the death motive as a way to call up an ambivalent feeling.The actors are encouraged to go wild and they certainly take the opportunity to use their imagination and live through their wish fulfillment.

Gazet van Antwerpen March 1992 1992

Together with the sophisticated lighting, the new tangomusic, composed by Flor Verschueren for two piano's, makes for a performance full of atmosphere. First and foremost, Tango is a colourful performance, full of unexpected shifts and developments, not based on a logical but on an imaginative order.

De Morgen February 1992 1992

Sometimes you get the impression, of course also because of the tango music, that some form of Latin American surrealism isn't very far away. A corpse disappears out of its coffin. Later on, the coffin opens again and a young bride appears. In often very beautiful images a parade of desires passes before the spectators.