Bal Masqué 1994

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'Bal Masqué' a joué pour la première fois en octobre 1994 à 'De Warande' à Turnhout. Il y avait 10 représentations en Flandre et la dernière fois, nous avons joué à Leopoldsburg en avril 1995.


Scénario et direction: Marc Bryssinck

Musique: Brick De Bois

Décor and masques: Diane Van Hool

Photographie: Yasmine Janssens


Liesbeth Bertels

Luc De Jongh

Martine Derey

Ann Dockx

Agnes Fleerackers

Jan Geudens

Kris Hufkens

Luc Loots

Cathérine Springuel

Bert Van Elst

Rik Van Raak

Kristien Van Roy

Marc Wagemans

Frank Van Calster (didgeridoo)


Toon Horsten - De Morgen - November 1994 1994

‘Bal Masqué’ is a passionate plea for unfashionable concepts like safety, tenderness and honesty. In a society where everyone hides behind masks of distance and disinterest, two people openly show their love for each other. The two arrive in a Kafka-like play, with a judge wrestling with his wig, giggling clerks and officials who do not hide their disapproval. After the flood has literally washed away all the masks, the people recover their dignity and are forced by circumstances to turn to each other, a wonderful reconciliation occurs between the people. “Somewhere” is heard from the speakers while the towel is passed around and people dry each other the on and people dry themselves: “Somewhere, someday, we’ll find a new way of living, we’ll find a new way of forgiving.” Bal Masqué is visually and scenographically and intrinsically a successful performance. The monotone and charming music played on the didgeridoo increases its force.”