Dagcentrum Kasteel

Target Audience


Day Care Center Kasteel offers a meaningful and professionaly accompanied day care for adult mentally disabled people who are interested and have the talent to take part in theatrical activities.

The actors' group consist of some twenty men and women who are slightly to severely disabled.

None of our actors are able to live completely independently. To a more or less degree they all need support on one of the following terrains: dressing - meals - mobility - social integration - financial affairs - medical care.

Most of our actors live at home with their parents. Others live in a hostfamily or an institution for mentally disabled people, where they get the necessary support.

The seriousness of their disability is not the decisive criterion for selection. Rather we look for their possibilities on the following domains: expessiveness - richness of feeling - possibility of empathy and role play.


The personality of each actor colours these basic skills: can he or she enjoy acting, interplay, take initiative and have his or her personal input in the production process? Can the actors develop their theatrical skills? Can they - provided they’re supported, given clues, corrected and trained - transcend their limitations and mean something to an audience?

Fine tuning and communication with their living and home environment are important issues of our work.