a Strange Play 2015

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In ‘A Strange Play’ Luc Loots, in his own incomparable way, plays with space, time, rhythm. Through a recurring ritual of appearing on stage, short actions with or without accessories and then leaving again, Luc and Hans Mortelmans succeed in creating an absurd and funny performance about an actor who keeps falling asleep on stage.

Our previous cooperation with Tibaldus en andere hoeren was prolonged in 2015. Fascinated by Stap actor Luc Loots, the men from Tibaldus proposed to create a solo for him.


‘A Strange Play’ is a short play, directed by Hans Mortelmans, coproduced by Tibaldus en andere hoeren, Theater Stap and No-Limits festival in Berlin. The production had its first night in Berlin in 2015 at the No-Limits festival.


‘A Strange Play’ was first played at the No-Limits festival in Berlin in 2015. Afterwards there was a short tour at several festivals in Flanders.


Director: Hans Mortelmans

Actor: Luc Loots