caféverschijnselen (pubappearances) 2020

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Expect unexpected appearances. They’re illusive and undefinable, and yet friendly, familiar and full of humour. The pubappearences make you laugh, make you think and perhaps may confront you as well.


One weekend a year, Het Cafétheaterfestival changes pubs in Utrecht, Zwolle and Tilburg into a stage for a new onrushing generation of theatre makers. For this festival Ruby Kieft created an interactive performance with seven Stap-actors, which won the audience award in Utrecht.

tour dates


Due to corona, only the performances in Utrecht were played, where ‘Caféverschijnselen’ won the audience award, with a tour through the Netherlands as a reward. At this moment we still don’t know when or whether the performances in Zwolle, Tilburg and the rest of the Netherlands will take place.


director: Ruby Kieft

actors: Peter Van Lommel, Gert Wellens, Dries Fosseprez, Ann Dockx, Louise Eggers, Lynn Proost en Tanne Lemmens