Blade Racer 2019

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‘Blade Racer’ is a concert performance and dance solo in one. By, for and with Peter Janssens. Incredible Peter. He’s a powerful improviser with an infectious energy and he performs with a healthy dose of self-relativizing and humour. As master of ceremony he takes you into his world and the soundscore belonging to it. The title refers to one of the sounds of the synthesizer he plays, as there are still: flying waltz, alternative, ocean floor, acid line. A generous actor, Peter is a gift for an audience. His alter ego intoxicates you every time again with his magic poetry.


Blade Racer was created for ‘Het Kraakpand’ and is also part of ‘Solo Night’, a composition of 4 short dance performances created or overseen by Koen De Preter.

tour dates

  • Berchem, cc Be

  • Genk, C-Mine

  • Utrecht, Tweetakt

  • Utrecht, Tweetakt

  • Utrecht, Tweetakt

  • Wevelgem, CC Guldenberg

  • Hoboken, Gravenhof

  • Herentals, t Schaliken

  • Berlijn, RambaZamba

  • Berlijn, RambaZamba


choreografie Koen De Preter
dans Peter Janssens
muziek Koen De Preter & Peter Janssens
licht Bert De Mulder
kostuums Marie Dries

productie Theater Stap

foto’s Ruben Swannet