De terugkeer van Sooi Dingemans (the Return of Sooi Dingemans) 2018

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Francois ‘Sooi’ Dingemans, a talented young man, is crowned emperor of the guild in longbow shooting. Sooi is at that time the proud father of a son, but he is also susceptible to the many temptations he encounters. Based on the Odyssey it follows his wanderings through a life that is characterized by sadness and loss. The portrait of a man and his downfall from hero to zero, that always leaves him his dignity.


‘De Terugkeer van Sooi Dingemans’ had its first night in February 2019. In April the film won the ‘best narrative short’ award at the Ohio Film Festival, which automatically places it on the longlist for the Oscars.


A film by Marc Bryssinck with Stijn Van de Wiel, Jason Van Laere, Paul Mertens and a cast of Stap actors.

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