WIJ OOK (We too) 2015

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At exactly the same moment two people in the same village choose to go another direction than all other people. Both of them alone. Both of them different from the others.


WIJ OOK is a performance about missing one's father, about friendship and what it means to be friends, about hugging using both arms until you can feel the other one's heartbeat. A performance about searching for love and harmony and tools to grasp the world. About forgiving and forgetting. About living.


WIJ OOK is a production by Flemish theatre company HETGEVOLG in coproduction with Theater Stap, for anyone aged 7 and over.


performance Jason Van Laere and Marjan De Schutter
text and direction Stijn Van De Wiel
set design Jan Strobbe
camera and editing Dries Segers
costume design Anita Evenepoel
dramaturgy Bram Verschueren