To Belong 2016

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In his performances, choreographer Koen De Preter looks for natural and honest movements, cleverly combined with an eclectic soundtrack. Searching for unaffectedness, he has collaborated with 90-year-old Alphea Pouget (JOURNEY) and with groups of non-professional performers of various ages (While Things Can Change and The House That Built Us).

To Belong is a dance performance about what it means to be part of a group. What brings people together, what connects them? What causes people to care about one another? And what if one falls outside the group, if one doesn’t belong? Theater Stap’s performers are dancing the experience of being a member of a group using authentic movements. Movements that allow them to get together and identify with one another, and in which they can lose themselves.


choreography Koen De Preter
dance Ann Dockx, Jan Goris, Peter Janssens, Els Laenen, Luc Loots, Nancy Schellekens, Leen Teunkens, Jason Van Laere, Marc Wagemans
dramaturgical advice Nienke Reehorst
light design Klaar Vermeulen
costume design Elisabeth Kinn Svensson
technician Jo Leys
assistance to the performers Dani Berlo, Ruben Swannet
production management Erick Clauwens
thanks to Catherine Springuel


bookings Vincent Company,, +32 486 38 39 55


Potsdamer Tagesspiegel 2016

They are showing themselves, and we are recognizing ourselves: in their strength, their beauty, in their imperfection. (Astrid Priebs-Tröger)