De Bank (The bench) 2015

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A man is sitting on a park bench after his parents’ death, letting time pass, watching the passersby. Paul Verrept wrote the text about this man who has always stayed a son. Luc Nuyens (Flemish theatre company de Roovers), Frank Dierens (Flemish theatre company Comp.Marius) and musician David Bovée (Think Of One, S.W.A.N.) created and perform De Bank together with eleven of Theater Stap’s actors.


De Bank is suitable for anyone aged eight and over. The performance was selected for the Flemish Theatre Festival 2015 by the children's jury.


concept, direction and performance Luc Nuyens and Frank Dierens

performance Liesbeth De Hertogh, Ann Dockx, Els Laenen, Pieter Lavrijssen, Luc Loots, Katrien Lingier / Lynn Proost, Catherine Springuel, Peter Vanlommel, Rik Van Raak, Marc Wagemans, Gitte Wens

music David Bovée / Geoffrey Burton

scenography Stef Stessel

costume design Lieve Pynoo

text Paul Verrept

technicians Erick Clauwens, Bert De Mulder