Met Man en Macht 2013

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'Met man en macht' is a serie of Woestijnvis, on the channel VIER, written by Tom Lenaerts and Tom Van Dijck. On January 18, 2013, it's broadcasted for the first time. It's the first show on VIER that isn't interrupted by advertising.

In the fictional Flemish commune Ransegem, Gaston Van Opstal is the mayor for 17 years. He controls his commune like a perfect citizen father. But then, fate strikes. There's a wake-up call in Ransgemen, six months before the elections. The citizens are being dragged into a political life. They have to make choices between their career or family, between their private interests or commune interests. Because what happens if ambitions become larger than their senses?


Els Laene plays Mieke Van Abeele. She's the daughter of Carine and René. She's the favorite of her grand-father Gaston. Mieke had Down Syndrome.


Directors: Tom Lenaerts en Tom Van Dijck


Josse De Pauw - † Gaston Van Opstal

Lucas Van den Eynde - René Van den Abeele

Sara De Roo - Carine Van Opstal

Els Laenen - Mieke Van den Abeele

Tom Van Dyck - Carl Backx

Natali Broods - Greet Van Opstal

Jan Decleir - Tony Verelst

Viviane De Muynck - Rita Van Nuffel

Koen De Graeve - Kris Verelst

Stijn Van Opstal - Ludo Jacobs

Alice Reijs - Linda Jacobs

Peter Van Den Begin - Vic Willems

Goele Derick - Madame Nicole

Damiaan De Schrijver - Lode Verbist

Sven De Ridder - Sam Vosters

Steve Geerts - Patrick De Groof