Tussenbeide (Inbetween) 1987

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The piece went on tour and played shows in Flanders, the Netherlands, Paris and Berlin.

"Tussenbeide" was reworked into "United Artists" in 1988. The 19 piece-orchestra "the new music group" led by Mark De Smet played the live music. This rework played among others on the Festival of Flanders.


Director: Greet Vissers en Erik Wouters

Music: Piet Slangen, Marc Bryssinck en Flor Verschueren

Lights: Eric Decort  
Photography: Harrie Timmermans

16 Stap-acteurs
Carlon Fonteyn
Fien Sulmont
Flor (piano)
Piet (piano)
Marc (sax)



Brabants Dagblad December 1988 1988

It's touching to see the actors completely submerged in their roles, and stopping only when the music forces them to do so. It's an honest play, full of intricacies made up on the spot.

De Gentenaar November 1987 1987

Tussenbeide is simply a very good performance with gripping images and aesthetisizing peripetaia. I've rarely seen a performance of this easy fluency. The actors radiate selfconsciousness, they know exactly what they have to do and what to expect from their co-actors, showing an extraordinary love for the theatre and for each other.

De Morgen June 1987 1987

Tussenbeide is a performance about the shifting borders between reality and fiction, between what is 'normal and usual' and what is 'strange'. The confrontation of light, mirrors and repetitive music makes for an extraordinary kind of theatre. A metaphor that strikingly questions the so called normal point of view.