De opgezette vogel (the Stuffed Bird) 1996

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In the early years of this century, tuberculosis nearly completely exterminated the family Picotti. The brothers Marco and Annibale are the last descendants who are determined to protect themselves against this family-disease by a life in asceticism...

Marco, however, cannot prevent Annibale from living her 'real' life by getting married. After the premature death of Annibale Marco, his fight will continue until the bitter end.


'De opgezette vogel' played in France, The Netherlands, Germany and Italy.

We played 44 times for 4.245 viewers.


Writer: Luigi Pirandello

Direction: Marc Bryssinck

Music: Flor Verschueren

Lights: Harry Cole

Camera: Lou Demeyere

Mounting: Marc Wouters

Photos: Yasmine Janssens


Luc Loots

Marc Wagemans

Catherine Springuel


HBvL 09/96 1996

It's fantastic to see Luc Loots playing the man who, as he grows older, gets more lonely and desperate at every turn. Also Marc Wagemans and Cathérine Springuel succeed in bringing their characters to life in a subdued and honest mood. Moreover the interpretation of the story is characterized by a clever and dramatical build-up which ensures that the attention of the public never wavers. For the first time in the history of Stap the actors speak on stage. The result is powerful, beautiful and moving.

De Standaard June 1996 1996

The result of improvising around fear, old age, loneliness and bitterness is a truly magical performance. Not only the actors' intensity and concentration, but also the beautifully poised balance between video and theatre are striking. Luc Loots is a sublime Marco Picotti, a frightened, anxious, lonely man. Marc Wagemans is stunning, uncannily moving from one mood to another. Emotions are unfaillingly pinned down by small gestures and expressions. In their silence and reticence the struggle of the actors is almost tangible. Terse or biting, poetical, suddenly, unexpectedly funny. The acting is poised and controlled. What these actors achieve is unique.