Op Zoek (In Search) 1996

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A music-theatre production for children.

A musical spectacle about space and time, about to enjoy what someone else can do better than you.


The piece played for the first time in the fall of 1996 and played until May 1997. A set of 15 performances for 1.412 spectators.


Direction: Erik Wouters

Music: Flor Verschueren

Set: Stef Van Eyck

Costumes: Lies Van Assche

Photos: Luc Van Der Spiegel


Nadine Van Miert

Veerle Dierckx (violin)

Rik Verheyen (cello)


De Bond December 1996 1996

The queen can't sleep. Together with her music making lackey and the story telling Me she starts on a quest for lullabies and sleep. The play is simple and playful, floating on music. And the young children ... they love it.

De Standaard October 1996 1996

Because so much in the performances of Stap depends on silence and stillness, as a consequence every wink of an eye, each sound has the force of an explosion. Sometimes predictable, sometimes surprising, but always beautiful. 'Op Zoek' is one of Stap's smaller productions. Because it invites intimacy, the public is on stage, surrounded by bells, drums, xylophones. The instruments are on wheels, wheelbarrow and bycicle parts, rickety and ramshackle things that sound the moment you touch them. The company again succeeds in surprising its audience with its beauty and poetry.