Vleugels en Rode Sokken (Wings and Red Socks) 1997

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In a closed community, six characters live next to each other. Like a machine, they work through a daily routine. Personal passions lead a hidden life in the darkness of the night.
Until an angel arrives for a quiet holiday. You don't need more to disturb the prevailing order. The behavior or merely the appearance of the nonchalant Angel makes away with the regularity of the past.

For some, se has been allowed to come sooner; for others, she wasn't welcome at all.

The Angels herself, doesn't give a shrinkage and passes through  as if se hasn't seen any signs.



At the end of 1997, we played for the first time. The play started again in 1998 and 1999. We played 21 performances in Flanders for 2.191 spectators.


Direction: An Verbelen

Costumes: Anita Evenepoel

Lights: Harry Cole

Musicians: Marc Bryssinck

Photography: Thomas Thijs


Gert Wellens

Marc Wagemans

Liesbeth Bertels

Els Van Gils

Ann Dockx


De Bond December 1997 1997

The title already awakens curiosity and the curiosity is completely satisfied. The actors play with vigour and punch. The plot is directed by their motions and gestures. The performance keeps fascinating and challenging because the movements are varied and beautiful.

De Standaard December 1997 1997

Mechanically six creatures in black plastic shuffle over the stage. They're a bit uncertain and lost in their world but an angel quickly changes all that. The message he's carrying in his wings: make fun. The sheer pleasure the actors show is theirs and theirs alone.