Puur/Ik Lief 2003

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“I think water is very quiet because it is blue.”

Air is air. Sometimes I talk to the air, but it doesn’t answer me.”

The poetry of these words from the documentary “Ik Lief” inspired director Lies Van Assche: a romantic portrait of Catherine Springuel, an actress suffering from Down syndrome. A performance about true and pure communication between the mentally disabled.

Two actors and a musician play along with the poetical character of the documentary and end up with the love poetry of the disabled.


'Puur/Ik Lief was created for 'Theater aan Zee'. We played there for the first time on August the Firsth and played there 6 shows. Then we went to Amsterdam and we performed there 3 times. At the end of the year 2004, we prepared to play the show again and we did 1 try-out. From February untill April 2005 we travelled across Flanders and we played 14 times.


Direction : Lies Van Assche

Music : Ronny Mosuse

Technique : Rik Suys and Davy Deschepper

Cast :
Nico Sturm  

Grietje Boels