Frankenstein 2005

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“Frankenstein, or a modern Prometheus” is a classic from world-literature written by Mary Shelley in which a young doctor, in an enlightened moment during a stormy night, creates a man. His creation appears to be a monster, at least in the eyes of the others, because he is “mis-shapen”.  But he also becomes a monster because he kills, not out of malice but out of solitude, because his creator does not want to create him an “Eve”, an equal ...

“Frankenstein” by Theater Stap revolves round two major themes. First of all it is about the field of tension “creator-creation”: who creates and who is created, can the creation turn against its creator, up to where is the creator responsible for his creation? A timeless theme which until the dnd-day of nowadays has not ceased to question, fascinate and scare man. The other theme is the “man-monster” relationship: who is a monster and who is not, what scares us and why, what are the aesthetical and ethical principles that determine our judgement in this matter based on ... ?

“Frankenstein” is a philosophical thriller about monstrosity and humanity, about fascination and fright, about love and solitude. A world which is being turned inside out, a monster with an unexpected fase is roaming about.

A dark and confronting tale full of strong images and music that makes a lasting impression.



In the spring of 2005, we played 18 shows in Flanders.

We reached 4.069 people.




Concept, adeptation and direction : Vital Schraenen

Musicians : I solisti del Vento      

Frank Hendrickx : flute    

Vlad Weverbergh : clarinet     

Rik Vercruysse : horn      

Francis Pollet : fagot      

Carlo Willems : percussion

Composition : Luc Mishalle

Design : Vital Schraenen en Peter Maschke

Costumes :  Anne Marthe Zomer

Poster and photografy : David Desmet

Actors :      

Ann Dockx      

Seppe Fourneau      

Luc Loots      

Koen Monserez      

Erna Roefs      

Nancy Schellekens      

Cathérine Springuel      

Els Van Gils      

Rik Van Raak


EV in zone 03 March '05 2013

"At Stap they are looking for the essence and the power of this myth. The audience is being confronted with the bloody facts and get left behind with questions about a science that can resurrect life and who is the monster in all this and who isn't. Frankenstein and his assistants are dressed like butchers in bloody smocks. With a minimum of words and a maximum of very graphic imagery the story pulls you along. Koen Monserez as a monster with his uncertain steps makes it into a beautiful pantomime. The mentally disabled actors of Stap do this as well as a collective bloody team. Their great combined play, very finely tuned and really enjoyable, is supported by the strong, recognisable sounds of Luc Mishalle, performed live by the musicians of I Solisti Del Vento. This musical theatre shows once again that the Stap-actors can perform successfully in other combinations."

Michaël Bellon in De Standaard - 15/03/05 2005

"Frankenstein works of very well as a performance. The actors show a perfect sense of timing and dramatic build-up. Their style of acting enlarges the situations and emotions. Because appearances also count, Schraenen has worked on strong sets, that give entirety almost the quality of a Hollywood film. The staging of wooden catwalks, spanned by sinister cables, suggests the horror collection of doctors. The height differences and the splendid lighting make everything look like painted tableaux. The 'birth' of a new human being that turns out to be a monster for instance, is one of those unforgettable moments."