ROM 2006

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A beautiful and dramatic story.

A man without arms has a knife-throwing act together with his lovely assistant. He has a big crush on her and she feels comfortable around him because he has no arms. She was apparently once raped which made her afraid of male pawing.

But there is another man who loves her as well and who isn't going to give up too quickly. He is the star of the circus with all the big animal acts and "strong man" situations. The father of the girl has had enough of the goings-on of his daughter and the handicapped man. He is going to give him a piece of his mind and going to tell him that he is taking his daughter to the city. In the mean time we are witness to the fact that the handicapped knife thrower really does have arms and that he only pretends for the show but mostly for her. He kills the father, she sees his hands while he is strangling him but she doesn't recognise him. The police will obviously never suspect a man without arms, so he is safe.

Because he loves her a lot and so that she won't remember his hands from the murder, he decides to amputate his arms and then to marry her. He goes to Europe and gets his arms amputated but the girl misses him. She finds a friend and also a big romance in the "strong man".

When the armless man returns after a few months she tells him her big news: she wants to get married, he suspects with him, but then she announces her fiancé and he falls to pieces. Only revenge can save him but destiny is very cruel…




in May 2006, we played a serie of try-outs. Then we played this show on several festivals: Circo Paradiso, De Zomer van Antwerpen, Theater op de Markt. After that, we played in Geel and Turnhout.

In 2007 we went to the festival VAO in Valencia and played 7 performances.

In 2008 we played ROM again for 17 times in Flanders.

ROM attracted 22.738 viewers.




Director: Marc Maillard

Dramaturgy: Radomira Dostal

Music: Jan Van Outryve, Bert Bernaerts, Marc Bryssinck, Thomas Deckx


Peter Janssens

Erna Roefs

Nancy Schellekens

Nadine Van Miert

Marc Wagemans

Gert Dupont

Bruno Smeyers

Filip Peeters

Nathalie Meskens 

Maarten Bosmans

Ann Verhelst