Oskar 2008

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OSKAR, a co-production of 'Theater FroeFroe' and 'Theater Stap' open for all public starting from five years old. A show full of comic humor for "child and family". A wonderful theater about business and rabbits.

Oskar's dad is busy, busy, busy ... His rabbitpaste is a great success, even with the Chinese. Oskar's father is rich. But fate strikes. He ran out of rabbits. Grandma's cat, 'feel melk', is dead. Oskar's birthday is barred. The factory exploded. Oskar's dad turns crazy and the Fixkes also. Oskar straightens his ears and turns on his webcam. He knibbles his carrot soup and teaches us a lesson about his unique fantasy.

We bring you a performance that is based on improvisations. We play around the dangers and especially the humor of childhood in his time. A wacky and yet poignant FroeFroeStap-trip with dolls, actors and videos. All of this with live-music and songs by the best young iconoclasts of the Dutch chanson.




'Oskar' was premiered in november 2008. Followed by a tour of 46 performances across Flanders. In the spring of 2009, we ended the tour at "Het Storm Festival" in Turnhout.

'Oskar' reached 11.823 spectators.


Dolls and costumes: Ina Peeters, Tina Heylen, Sarah Buts (Internship)
Decor: Bruno Smeyers.
Production assistance: Thomas Deckx, Dani Berlo, Dries Bellinx (another trainee) Jo Swinnen en Krisje Scheurweghs.

With :

Peter Janssens (the best)

Maarten Bosmans (thee weirdo)

Filip Peeters (the sneak)

Catherine De Gendt  (de stagiaire) en de muzikanten van de Fixkes (the real one):

Sam Valkenborgh

Bart Palmers
and technique of Andy Giebens (the true) and Elke Verachtert 
Under guidance of Marc Maillard and full of inspiration by Filip Peeters and the entire cast.
Thanks to Tuur Devens and Jan Maillard.