Roberto Zucco 2004

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'I believe in reincarnation. I think I had a good life before and I did not appreciate it. So I was sentenced to live this life in hell.'

(Solomon, Pollsmoor Prison, South Africa)

Radomira Dostal and Mieja Hollevoet want to work  with the actors of Stap for a couple of months abou 'Roberto Zucco' by Bernard Marie Koltés. A hard, brutal and essentialy tragic piece, based on a true story about a murderer.
A piece that, in addition, is filled with dark humor and words; words replace guns and weapons replace words when there isn't any room for words. A piece that isn't so strange and far away for the people who have played 'Woyzeck'.

Zucco: I am a normal and intelligent boy, sir. I haven't got anything remarkable. Would you have noticed me if I didn"t sat beside you? I've always thought: the best way to live calm, is to be so transparent as glass... It's a big deal, being transparent, it's a profession; it's a very old dream to be transparent. I'm not a hero. Heroes are criminals. There is no hero whose clothes aren't steeped in blood, and blood is the only thing in the world dat doesn't pass by unnoticed... Nothing can change the way live goes, sir. I'm like a train that calmly goes by a field. And nothing can derail it.'






In the beginning of January 2004, we started with 8 performances in our own Hall at Turnhout. Until mid May 2004 we played 27 travel performances in Flanders.


Director:Radomira Dostal and Mieja Hollevoet
Music :Mauro Pawlowski
Lights :Harry Cole and Margareta W. Andersen
Videoprojection : Cy Leong
Poster:Michel Van Beirendonck
Photography :Koen Broos


Ann Dockx

Katleen Frison

Jan Goris

Luc Loots

Annick Van Leeuwen

Nadine Van Miert

Rik van Raak

Gert Wellens