De Waarheid (the Truth) 2020

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Tuning People and Theater Stap sketch an encyclopedia of life. A stream of people, dancing, celebrating, fleeing, revolting, faltering and searching for support. Until their attempts to come to grip with reality derail and a new truth emerges.


For this performance Theater Stap starts on an adventure trip with all-round company Tuning People. Tuning People makes theatre, dance and installations for diverse audiences, for both youths and adults. Theater Stap also likes to lift partitions. Stap actors dance very theatrically, act very physically and music always plays a prominent part in our performances.


‘De Waarheid’ is a performance for anyone aged 8 and over.


Extra: An interactive podcast was made for ‘De Waarheid’ which can be listened to, partly before and partly after the performance.


Click here for the podcast.

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Concept, choreography, scenography and direction: Wannes Deneer, Jef Van Gestel, Karolien Verlinden

Cast: Theater Stap: Christophe Appels, Kenneth Boven, Liesbeth De Hertogh, Jan Goris, Daan Hutten, Peter Janssens, Hazina Kenis, Els Laenen, Pieter Lavrijssen, Luc Loots, Jelle Palmaerts, Leen Teunkens, Jason Van Laere, Rik Van Raak, Anke Verwaest, Gitte Wens

Dramaturgy: Liesbeth De Clerq

Sound: Jochem Baelus

Costumes: Wim Muyllaert

Stage costumes: Smila Zinecker

Light: Barbara De Wit

Technical support and production: Erick Clauwens, Bert De Mulder

Stage education: Bregt Van Deursen

Co-creation: Tuning People, Theater Stap