Braakland 2009

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The Dakar Company has a tradition of summer festivals and location projects. Stap actor Luc Loots was asked to play in Braakland. Lotte van den Berg directs on the basis of improvisations. Lotte directed the show ergens staat er nu een igloo leeg [There is an empty igloo somewhere now] (2002) for Theater Stap. She thought Luc was the right actor for this story on the basis of his personality.

Together with 8 able-bodied actors Luc acts in a play about people searching for ground under their feet on a forgotten piece of land that doesn’t belong to anyone. J.M. Coetzee’s text was the inspiration. This performance was played in Alkmaar and at the Boulevardfestival in Den Bosch.


Cie Dakar asked Theater Stap's Luc Loots to participate in this performance. After several performances in Flanders and The Netherlands, Luc went to Italy, Spain, New York and Brazil.


Director: Lotte van den Berg

Design : Paul Koenen en Martin Mulder

Costumes: Arlette Muschter

Technology: Paul de Vrees

Production: Leonie Zweekhorst

Publicity: Lieneke Astro

Graphics arts: Devon Ress


Guido Kleene

Daphne de Winkel

Monika Haasova

Jetse Batelaan

Lobke van Beuzekom

Matthias Maat

Carola Bärtschiger

Luc Loots

Ward Weemhoff


Brabants Dagblad, August 10 2004 2004

"Leaving the hot shuttle bus that takes you to 'Braakland' reminds us of Dante's Hell: 'Abandon all hope, ye who enter here'. There is a tribune just passed the rubbish dump in the dry and yellow grass for the audience, covered in rusty corrugated iron sheets. There are factories in the distance and a background noise of roaring traffic. One man is sitting alone in the grass. A little further on there is a second man walking with a shovel, on which he balances a clump of earth with a pathetic shoot with great difficulty. Even before he can plant the new life he collapses. Suddenly other people approach from all directions. No, help is not offered. In the jungle of 'Braakland' it's every man for himself: kill or be killed ... There are no words in 'Braakland'. What could they say in a world where there is no place for compassion, love or life ... Braakland is a heavy and moving performance."