Elektra 1996

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Her immense sadness impressed me.

A feeling of solidarity. There’s so much misery in the world …

During the rehearsals Elektra became already less likeable.

Sadness, misery, ok, but a human being must also be able to put things into perspective.

Out of that originated the idea to turn the play into a parody, a farce.

‘Elektra shouldn’t nag so much’ became the motto.

Then new questions arose: How do I, or how does one in general react to that sadness, that misery, that injustice?

How do the people react?

Elektra shouts out her misery.

The people applause and give her flowers.

‘Well done, Elektra!’

And then, suddenly, everything turns:

the people mock their leaders.

People are nicer when they laugh.

(Erik Wouters)


This performance led a short existence.

In 1996-1997 we played 3 performances for 1.219 people.


Writer: Euripide

Direction: Erik Wouters

Music: Flor Verschueren

Costumes: Lies Van Assche

Lights: Chris Van Goethem

Crowns: Stef Van Eyck

Photos: Tin Mariën

Cast: 14 acteurs de Stap

Marleen Schampaert (Singer)

Elisabeth Hermans (Singer)

Mieke Wouters (Singer)


Het Nieuwsblad June 1997 1997

Newly fashioned Euripides makes audience shake with laughter.

PPG December 1996 1996

The audience was pleasantly surprised by the original scenery, with three singing Greek godesses on top of a white column, the actors in blue and white sailor outfits, three red vacuumcleaners. The story of Electra, the art of theatre and even the audience were the aims of the satire. For three quarters of an hour, the mix of humour and sadness caught the audience in its grip.