Code 1989

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No confrontation between different worlds, but a search for what is universal: simple human data as 'encounter', the ' growth to adulthood', the search for own 'individuality' are starting points.

No wonder you end up with the big emotions: 'birth', 'love', 'death'.

An intriguing interaction between 'real' and 'played', between 'image' and 'reality', between worlds that each have an own language, an own CODE, is created by the disarming and sometimes disconcerting honesty of the STAP-actors and -actresses.



Performances in Flanders and The Netherlands.


Direction: Greet Vissers en Erik Wouters

Music: Flor Vershueren,Piet Slangen en Marc Bryssinck

Light: Eric Decort

Costumes and scenography: Anita Evenepoel

Photography: Harrie Timmermans


Liesbeth Bertels

Luc De Jongh

Erkis Dekeyser

Martine Derey

Agnes Fleerackers

Kris Hufkens

Luc Neefs

Erna Roefs

Nancy Schellekens

Fien Sulmont

Bert Van Elst

Walter Van Looveren

Nadine Van Miert

Rik Van Raak

Kristien Van Roy

Carine Verschueren

danseres Fien Sulmont

acteur Walter Van Looveren

Katrine Druyts (soprano)

Nadia Loenders (alt),

Werner Trio (tenor)

Geert Van Hecke (bas)

Marc Bryssinck (sax)


Kultuur en Wetenschap March 1989 1989

A very intricate play is played with very simple gestures. The actors show an enormous power and personality. Not in order to give shape to very defined characters, but to weave together layers of atmosphere.

Knack March 1989 1989

The pattern of the performance is formed by the rites of each individual's life: birth, love and death. Of all the material gathered in the rehearsals only those moments were kept which meant most to the actors. Absolutely not to be missed.

Streekkrant March 1989 1989

Improvising with the actors led to a performance with an intriguing interaction between 'real' and 'acted', between 'image' and 'reality', each of these worlds with their own language or code. Code is fascinating, funny, disturbing and unique theatre.

De Morgen February 1989 1989

Code is a very sensitive performance, beautiful to watch, beautiful to listen to. The emotions are completely honest, and often disarming and funny. A beauty!