Antigone 1991

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Just as Antigone, the STAP-actors become aware of their own personality, their own drives. And just as Kreoon, we find this difficult. A confrontation: in thought and in form.
Opposite the theatre, is the reality. Just like Sophocles.

Amsterdam, 3 January '90
We've played three performances, now we're going home by bus.

Everyone is tired.

Haimoon and Antigone are 'making love' on the bus. 

It's embarrassing. 

I say: "Come sit next to me, I want to talk to you." 

Haimoon says: "I want what I want, I'm twenty-five years old."



'Antigone' played in France, The Netherlands and Berlin. in 1991 and 1992.  


Direction: Erik Wouters

Music: Flor Verschueren, Marc Bryssinck

Lights: Eric Decort

Costumes: Ann Huybens

Dolls: Karel Van Ransbeeck

Photography: Kris Kuypers


Liesbeth Bertels

Luc De Jongh (Kreoon)

Erik Dekeyser

Martine Derey

Agnes Fleerackers

Kris Hufkens (Haimoon)

Erna Roefs

Nancy Schellekens

Bert Van Elst

Nadine Van Miert (Antigone)

Rik Van Raak

Kristien Van Roy (Ismene)

Carine Verschueren

Peggy Vermeulen (bugel)

Chris Eysermans (bugel)

Dimka Vanderhaeghen (bugel)

Inge Kerkhove (tenortuba)

Annick Verboven (tenortuba)


Gazet van Antwerpen February 1991 1991

For the first time the actors, clad in effective red costumes, tell a clear story. Backed up by well found devices as the use of dolls and four female court musicians Stap creates a brilliant new performance of the Greek tragedy.

Knack February 1991 1991

The actors have developed a new awareness on stage. Firmer, more aggressive even in their roles, because the characters now have a name of their own. Red is the predominant colour in a performance with a lot of symbolism, especially when concerned with the growing selfconsciousness of Antigone. Hardly a word is spoken, although interaction is intense and ... Many of the feelings are suggested in gestures and rare, terse motions.