MAW (i.e.) 1993

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‘Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.’

(Macbeth, W. Shakespeare)

A lump in the throat and butterflies. Ventriloquism on thin ice. Trying to pass a TV hour by zapping. Shreds, fragments and pieces that only refer to themselves. No distance, no involvement.  Full of meaning and completely devoid of sense. Life in its limitless banality. Eighteen actors transforming this banality into what, in essence, it is: tragedy, incomprehensible decay, bizarre rituals. Because, willy-nilly, they’re outsiders, they fling the absurdity of life full in our faces: stuff, heads in the sand, running around aimlessly.

Two musicians on a raft. Shipwrecked by time, accompanied by organ and drums, on an indefinable voyage. A play with words that are non-existing, a fight with silence.


MAW played in Flanders and, among other things, in Berlin.


Direction: Marc Bryssinck

Music: Flor Verschueren

Lights: Eric Dekort

Costumes: Ann Huybens

Decors: Geert Hautekiet

Photos: Yasmine Janssens


Liesbeth Bertels

Luc de Jongh

Erik Dekeyser

Martine Derey

Ann Dockx

Agnes Fleerackers

Jan Geudens

Kris Hufkens

Luc Loots

Erna Roefs

Nancy Schellekens

Catherine Springuel

Bert van Elst

Els van Gils

Nadine Van Miert

Rik Van Raak

Kristien Van Roy

Marc Wagemans

Flor Verschueren (percussie)

Dirk Dergent (percussie)


De Standaard March 1993 1993

On tv, spectators are confronted with a strife-torn world. Because these mentally disabled actors play vigorously, the message is even more penetrating. The motto from Macbeth of a player strutting his hour on the stage and a tale told full of sound and fury, makes clear that it is not only our own age that suffers from a schizophrenic world view. Forcefully directed, the actors present this message with discipline and dedication to their art.

Gazet van Antwerpen March 1993 1993

18 actors want to show life as presented to us by the media, and experienced by them: as trivial, brutal, absurd and incomprehensible. Stap will be assured of succes with this production.