Anderzijds aan de overkant (On the other Hand On the other Side) 1998

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Ten colors, ten fascinations. The landscape on the waterfront. A concert band and a boat.

'Anderzijds aan de overkant' is the story of ten people who grew up together. This harmonious and seemingly unassailable 'being together' is questioned when there is a sudden departure of one of them. For the first time, they are confronted with farewell and loss. The confussion is big. Three others also decide to leave. On the stage, we see the six laggards searching for a new beginning, an opportunity to view the world from another angle. The montage of theatre and film, the flow of past and present, make 'Anderzijds, aan de overkant' a play about memory and wonder.

Inge Floré studied graphic design (KASKA) and audio-visual arts (Sint-Lukas in Brussels). She worked as a direction- and production assistant for the service of Art affairs of the BRTN. From February 1977, she worked at 'Theater Stap'. 'Anderzijds, aan de overkant' is her first play.


We played 8 times in Turnhout. There wasn't a tour.


Scenario and direction: Inge Floré

Lights: Harry Cole

Photos: Koen Broos


Rik Van Raak

Catherine Springuel

Luc Loots

Nadine Van Miert

Erik Dekeyser

Kris Hufkens


Het Nieuwsblad March 1998 1998

As with most of the Stap performances, this one has something mysterious. There are no dialogues to lead the audience. There is only emotion.

De Standaard March 1998 1998

The actors make their entrance in a rainshower, take off their raincoats, sit down, cross their fingers and wait behind their tables. Floré has made a nice performance. Both poetical and harsh.