De Meeuw van Tsjekkof (Chekhov's seagull) 2000

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Luc: Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. We play 'De Meeuw'. This piece is about love.

Kostja: I love you. I love you.

Nina: You're a bad writer, you

Kostja: Who says?

Nina: Your mother.

Kostja: My mother is just jealous.

Nina: Trigorin is a much better writer.

Kostja: Trigorin can't write. He's a show off.

Kostja: I love you. I love you.

Twelve actors of 'Theater Stap' and director Gretl Van Ourti explore 'De Meeuw' of Tsjechov. They improvise and were inspired by the music of Jean Marc Zelwer. This resulted in an fascinating staging of impossible relationships, strained nerves and impending discharges. Definitely, a seagull you better not miss!





'De Meeuw van Tsjekkof' started in February 2000 and played 32 performances in Flanders. In May 2000, we played the last show.


Direction: Gretl Van Ourti

Music: La Kumpania Zelwer

Scenography: Heidi Vanhaverbeke

Costumes: Anne-Marthe Zomer

Lights: Vital Schraenen

Photos: David De smet


Erik Dekeyser (Kostja)

Martine Derey (Nina)

Erna Roefs (Arkadina)

Marc Wagemans (Trigorin)

Kris Hufkens (Petrousja)

Gert Wellens (Dorn)

Nancy Schellekens (Polina)

Rik Van Raak (Sjamrajev)

Ann Dockx (Masja)

Luc Loots (Medvejenko)

Kristien Van Roy (Kristina)

Cathérine Springuel (Katrina)


De Morgen March 2000 2000

Although the plot is not always easy to follow, the essence of the story is clear enough, even for those who are not familiar with Checkov's text. Some actors, on consciously or unconsciously, succeed in giving their personages something very ambiguous. Their slow, but expressive and emphatic way of speaking, is sometimes very poetic. On the other hand there's a lot to laugh with the servant girls commenting on their employers and guests behind their backs. The music by La Kumpania Zelwer and the spring colours of the scenery add to the deceptively happy tone of the play.