Broere (brother) 2000

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"That's a lie!

I never lie.

You have to swear that you won't tell.

And what if I do tell?

Then I'll have you tortured by Fat Willy.

Who is Fat Willy?

You'll have to ask your oldest brother.

I rather not ask my oldest brother anything."

(text fragment from 'Leugenbroeders' by Alex Van Warmerdam)


 The story is situated in 1969, a few days before the first landing on the moon. It describes the story of three brothers - Esau, Jacob en Jacob - who are looking for love. Stijn Van Opstal and Wouter Hendrickx start a confrontation with Ann Dockx and Rik van Raak, 2 actors from Theater Stap. Normally, valid actors never play in productions by Theater Stap, but Stijn and Wouter absolutly wanted to join. They went to Theater Stap with a couple of ideas and a lot of ideals. To hen, it's an interesting and educative experiment that went by, way to fast.




We started in October 2000 and played 20 shows. We ended in Turnhout in December.



Regie: Wouter Hendrickx en Stijn van Opstal

Light: Stef Delfosse

Design: Stef Van Eyck

Photography: Griet Snoecks


Rik Van Raak

An Dockx

Wouter Hendrickx

Stijn Van Opstal


De Standaard November 2000 2000

The fact that the two directors are on stage as well determines much of the speed of the play: witty, fast, not afraid of caricature, but also touching more serious topics. What makes Broere worth your while, are the scenes in which mentally disabled actors and the director-actors play together. More so since Hendrickx and Van Opstael are honest enough to allow their co-actors to shine and not to draw all attention to themselves. Spontaneous, direct and without fringes, that's Broere in a nutshell.