Frietmakerij Berghmans 2002

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A factory visit exclusive for 'De Zomer van Antwerpen'. This unique and crafty family business opens his doors and guides you in groups of 30 persons through a factory, from the fields to the consumers. A canteen revue by the whole staff and of course a pack of fresh fried Berghmans-fries included for everyone.

When Raymond Berghmans sold his first pack of fries in the streets of Antwerp, he couldn't expect that 100 years later people would take a first look behind the scenes of his still abloom family business.

Already 34 times, 'Frietmakerij Berghmans' received the 'Medaille d'Or' at the renowned international food fair in Paris. Visit 'Frietmakerij Berghmans' and take knowledge of the unique AARDAPPELGROEIHANGAR and the renowned potatoes massage technique. Behold the dansing potato washers, our experimental treatment of the dreaded potato fatigue and the athletic performances of our three times cutting champion Rudy Berghmans. Children and adults will listen with their mouths open to the authentic testimonials from the rich and collective memory of a century of factory-history and gossip.

Visit 'Frietmakrijk Berghmans' and experience a night that you'll never forget. And remember: Your Advertising is Our Succes!



In the Summer of 2002 was 'De Frietmakerij' a hit at 'De Zomer van Antwerpen'. In the Summer of 2003 we played again in Turnhout.

We performed 48 shows and fried potatoes for 10.683 people.



Concept and direction: Erick Clauwens and Herman Verbruggen

Machinery Design: Jan Hongenaert

Photography: Koen Broos


Ann Dockx

Kathleen Frison

Jan Goris

Luc Loots

Erna Roefs

Els Van Gils/Rik Van Raak

Marc Wagemans/Gert Wellens

Annick Van Leeuwen

Peter Van Lommel

Paula Bartelen/Liliane Vlaeminckx

Liliane Keersmaeckers

Mia Van Roy

Roel Steeno

Philippe Mampuya

Anne Elewaut

Herman Verbruggen

Jan Hongenaert

Erik Clauwens

This production was performed on location in the framework of the ‘Zomer van Antwerpen’ (Summer of Antwerp). An empty factory in Turnhout was also converted for a run.


Zone 03 07/02 2002

Seldom, very seldom has it happened that a company hit the bull's-eye from its very first performance. Nevertheless, Theater Stap and Aksident have convincingly done it with 'Frietmakerij Berghmans'. Theater Stap and Aksident created a performance with 'FB' that leaves conventional paths behind but they still have all the trumps to create good theatre. A golden medal for the most original performance of the season.

GvA 07/02 2002

During the guided tour we cover all stages of the production process: from unpeeled potatoes to a steamy pack of chips. The great merit is that the actors never fall out of character even for a moment. We never stop smiling. After the tour the staff perform a revue and sing the Berghmans-song at the top of their voices. Disarming, moving and beautiful enough to get the enthralled audience to sing along.