tu'tu 2006, 2018

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A 1 coloursoundshowexperience for anyone who's threeandahalfyearsold!

A play about neighbours.

Three peeping neighbours.

Over a hedge, through a window, from the roof, by the letterbox, with the ducks, at birthday parties, in their dreams they meet each other regularly.

One day, they discover something by chance.

Something about each other.

Something special.

Something they didn't know before…

A play about lawn mowers, about two and three, about the birds and the bees, about large and small, about grass that is greener somewhere else, about succeeding and failing, about boxwood and bird nests and mostly about peeping neighbours!


Tu'tu played for the first time in October 2006 and played 47 times untill April 2007. In 2009 they played again for 27 times in Flanders and The Netherlands.

The play reached 8.208 spectators.





Director: Daphne Laquière

Dramatical eye: Ann Saelens

Music: Bo Spaenc

Light design: Eric Luyten

video editing: Bram Vandeveire, B 401

Coach cast: Dani Berlo

Technical support: Erick Clauwens, Elke Verachtert

Photography: Ellen Smeets


Luc Loots

Rik Van Raak

Gert Wellens


De Bond 2007

Theater Stap shows us a day in the life of three neighbours by the side of a pond. Three mentally disabled actors with an unparalleled charisma give us an enjoyable performance in their first children's production. (...) Theater Stap hit it off immediately and Daphne Laquière was able to hone her visual power of expression even further. Because these actors give us a little extra. Luc Loots, Rik Van Raak and Gert Wellens have a playfulness and an honest naiveté about them that an normal actor can only aspire to reproduce. The slow pace is refreshing. Everything slowly slips past. The images follow one another. A storyline isn't really necessary: the show is a living picture book that you can flip one page at a time. You get the time to take in all the details, enjoy the tableau and only then will you flip the page. (Tuur Devens)

Gazet van Antwerpen 2006

Children from the age of three are fascinated by how three neighbours feed the ducks, mow the lawn and sunbathe. When one of them considers a dip in the pond too risky, the others take him under their wings. Under the motto 'all for one' they make him succeed in his quest. It's the inventive design, not the uncomplicated story makes tu'tu a winner. The children's ears prick up when hearing the frivolous sound track, full of sounds that move the performance ahead, and gawk at the scenery. It is just filled with playful details and imaginative discoveries. A flower grows at a moment's notice, a slice of cheese falls from the sky, the neighbours eat their breakfasts while dancing, they sing with the aid of a garden hose. The fear of celebrated guest director Daphne Laquière, that the pace of the disabled actors would be too slow to hold the toddlers attention, seems unfounded. The fact that the neighbours never directly interact with the audience also never hinders the performance. With their beautifully styled actions they draw the toddlers effortlessly into the story.