Hendrik 4 (Henry 4) 2009

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 "Do you know what it means to be opposite an insane? It means that you're standing across someone who affects the foundations of all that you've build in yourself and around yourself and who can overthrow the logic of all your constructions. "

(Hendrik IV, Luigi Pirandello)


Imagine: A guy falls on his head and thinks that he's the king. He not only thinks it. He is king. The others have to adjust. He sets the rules and we dance, sing and play on the tones he requests. It's very important to keep on playing. To stop means to die. We only stop when he says so. Until he thinks of another game...  

For you and with you, 'Theater Stap' presents a story about a man who is been called insane. An opinionated adaptation and translation of Hendrik IV by Pirandello. It's about people and how badly they could go wrong. But what is crazy in desperate times? What is crazy nowadays?


We played 21 performances. We ended up where we started in February 2010 in 2009: in Turnhout. We crossed the boarder two times to the Netherlands.


Dominique van Malder graduated at Rits in Brussel and showed his versatility at Studio Orka, Antigone, Bronks, Het Toneelhuis.

Joris Hessels also RITS-student we see regularly in the youth circuit at de Kopergieterij, Bronks, Het Paleis and also on Ketnet.

Isabelle Van Hecke graduated at de Studio.  She worked with Luc Perceval, Titus Muizelaar and Eric De Volder.  Together with Olympique Dramatique she created De Krippel, De Jossen and The Lieutenant of Inishmore.    

Herwig Illegems also studied at de Studio, he was fellow inspirer of De Zweep, he often worked with Het Gevolg, Het Toneelhuis, De Roovers, and soon you will see him with Jan Decorte and Cie Marius in the new TVserie of Tom Van Dijck.

The Violent Husbands take care of the live-music. They've played starring Flip Kowlier, but as acoustic mariarchi-trie, they also succeeded to rock every festival.

Lies Van Assche was costume designer for productions of les Ballets C. de la B.,  het Kaaitheater, de KVS, Ultima Vez, Jan Fabre. In 2004, she made the performance "Puur/Ik Lief" for Theater Stap.

Leo De Nijs studied machine construction and architecture. He's the set designer for over two decades of Theatergroep Hollandia..

David Cornille: dramaturgical assistance

Marie Dries and Amber Meyntjens: costumes
Wim Lodz : poster
Fabien DeLathauwer : movie
Bert De Mulder : photos

Marc Bryssinck, artistic leader of Theater Stap, joined them on the set.


Ann Dockx

Jan Goris

Jelle Palmaerts

Katrien Lingier

Luc Loots

Nancy Schellekens

Peter Janssens

Rik Van Raak

Seppe Fourneau