Dagcentrum Kasteel

Youth cooperation

On Wednesdays Theater Stap organizes, together with KAAIMAN, the youth working of de Warande, workshops for disabled young people. Accompanied by professional theater artists, they start from scratch: from the very first idea to the performance on stage. Starting points and guiding ideas are the interests and fascinations of both youngsters and coaches. Together we investigate and set our imagination at work, looking for striking words and images, touching melodies, the right rhythm, strong movements, … During the Kaaimanweek in the Easter holidays and at the end of each school year the result is shown to an audience.


For whom? Disabled persons, aged sixteen to twenty five.

Where? Cultuurhuis de Warande, Warandestraat 42, 2300 Turnhout

When? Every Wednesday afternoon from two to four, except during school holidays.

Price: contribution via RTH: 5,36 euro a day

or a membership fee of 175 euro per school year.

Registration: is possible during the entire year via Theater Stap (014/42.85.90 or

Candidates will be invited for an interview. Afterwards a trial period can be proposed to find out whether this is really their thing. When there are already too many candidates, they will be put on a waiting list.