You can't live on a waiting list 2012 - Peter, Leen en Gert werken mee aan de promofilm

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In Belgium, about 5.000 disabled people are on a waiting list for a disabled-friendly house. Inclusie Invest, a non-profit cooperative society, organizes such housing projects.

To make people aware of Inclusie Invest and the housing shortage, 6 disabled squatted a house in the middle of a street in Brussels. In that very house, they recorded their own version of Madness' well-known hit Our House.


A big thanks to: Joyce, Leen, Dimitri, Peter, Gert, Sammy, (the actors) , Guy Goossens (director), Theater Stap, Thomas Buelens, A-sound, Spots, Lucky Cameras, Base Camp Jules Logistics, Chiro Koekelberg, Jan Torsin (the pigeons), Hussein en Nathalie (the interns), Tiny, Gloriant, Michaël en Ruben, Sander Jansens (for the fire)