In Vlaamse Velden 2012 - Gert Wellens figureert

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In ten episodes In Flanders Fields tells the story of the Boesman family in Ghent, Belgium, trying to survive World War I. The story highlights the five family members, each going through their own war during four years. The central character is 15-year-old Marie who dreams of becoming a doctor, but becomes a nurse at the front line. That is where she eventually finds the strength to build up a balanced perspective on the world and her family.


Director: Jan Matthys

Producer: Dirk Impens

Screenplay: Carl Joos, Charles De Weerdt, Geert Vermeulen


Philippe Boesman - Wim Opbrouck

Virginie Boesman - Barbara Sarafian

Guillaume Boesman - Wietse Tanghe

Vincent Boesman - Matthieu Sys

Marie Boesman - Lize Feryn